About India Adoption Plan

The India Adoption Plan (IAP)is a Dutch organisation that has been active in bringing local mission workers in India, Nepal, and Bangladesh into contact with people in the Netherlands who are prepared to support them. At this moment, there are such connections between over 1.100 workers and approximately 500 Dutch supporters.

The origins of  IAP

Having spent a number of years with his family in Nepal, and later in India, as a workers with Youth With a Mission (in short, YWAM), Bart Doornweerd realized that in order to make the message of the Gospel of Jesus known in India, nothing and nobody can work as effectively as “local missionaries”, people who look the same, speak the language, and know the cultural habits; people who can witness to the fact that Jesus is not just the “God of the West”, but the God of all people!

After his return to the Netherlands, Bart started to support some people in India; and soon more and more people came who wanted to add their bit of support to the missionary work in India, Nepal, and Bangladesh.

In the mean time, many people in the Netherlands (and in some surrounding countries) are involved in this work. Some give a lot, some a bit less; but every euro of every business, church, cell group, person or family is used for the Kingdom of God in India, Nepal, or Bangladesh.

You can contact us at the following address for more information:

India Adoption Plan
Mr. Bart Doornweerd
Zwarteweg 10
8181 PD Heerde
The Netherlands

Phone: +31(0)578 216 190